About Us

We strive to enhance the client experience by delivering services that solve problems, produce results, and add value.

Our Reach

Core Triangle offers a variety of human capital management services and support to a broad range of public and private entities.


Our team comprises attorneys, data analysts, economists, statisticians, and other non-attorney professionals.


Among the services we offer include corrective, remedial, and proactive, preventive services.

About Us

At Core Triangle, we recognize the value of human capital. We exist to help organizations of every size — and from every sector and industry — not only to minimize workplace risk but also to develop and advance world-class programs and strategies that attract, retain, and support a talented, diverse, and productive workforce.

We strive to enhance the client experience by delivering exceptional, cost-effective services that solve practical problems, produce outstanding results, and add measurable value.

Our Reach

Core Triangle offers a variety of human capital management services and support to a broad range of public and private entities, including:

  • Public and private for-profit companies
  • Nonprofit associations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Independent secondary schools
  • Governmental and quasi-governmental entities
  • Federal government supply and service and construction contractors

We engage with boards of directors; human resources and compliance professionals; talent acquisition staff; diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders; in-house employment counsel; and other professionals whose responsibilities include human capital management.

Our Consultants

The Core Triangle team comprises attorneys, data analysts, economists, statisticians, and other non-attorney professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients meet their HR record-keeping, reporting, and compliance requirements and implement proactive strategies aimed to elevate their workplace practices and guide them to becoming best-in-class employers.

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Our Services

The Core Triangle team comprises attorneys, data analysts, economists, statisticians, and other non-attorney professionals who are dedicated to helping our clients meet their HR record-keeping, reporting, and compliance requirements and implement proactive strategies aimed to elevate their workplace practices and guide them to becoming best-in-class employers.

Corrective / Remedial Services

Sometimes employers have the benefit of learning about a workplace issue before it becomes a formal complaint or lawsuit, but other times, they’re not as fortunate. Our consultants have been called upon to help resolve informal, internal complaints as well as issues that have come to an employer’s attention for the first time only after being served with a formal demand letter, administrative complaint, or lawsuit.

We have decades of cumulative experience in conducting routine and complex workplace investigations both in the private and educational sectors. Our consultants have led internal investigations of individual and group discrimination, harassment, and retaliation complaints, as well as those stemming from formal bias charges filed with state and federal regulators and the courts.

Our consultants have trained thousands of HR professionals on their compliance obligations under state and federal equal employment opportunity laws. What differentiates our training programs is the depth of practical experience our consultants are able to draw from their years of working with some of the nation’s largest employers across a range of industries and professions.

That experience, in turn, has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of the governing law, policy, and practical implications of HR compliance from an HR perspective. It also has helped our consultants to build relationships and develop strong reputations as thought leaders in the field of workplace solutions and risk mitigation.

In other words, we don’t simply know the law and policy underlying a company’s compliance obligations; we are also tuned into the practical business implications of those obligations and have honed our ability to deliver training content that is not only high quality but also practical, interesting, and strategic. Our training curriculum is easily customizable to focus on particular issues of concern to an organization and can be adapted to a variety of delivery formats, such as classroom, web-based, or online/on-demand.

Our team includes consultants with significant experience working with (or for) government regulators, such as the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP).

Through those experiences, our consultants have developed a firm understanding of the laws, procedures, and practices that govern the work of those agencies, which they’ve been able to use and apply in helping employers prepare for and navigate a variety of workplace regulatory reviews and audits. Among other things, our consultants can help federal contractors prepare, review, and submit OFCCP desk audit submissions and navigate other aspects of typical establishment and corporate management compliance evaluations to a successful resolution.

  • Employment Mass, Class, and Collective Action Settlement Monitoring
  • Civil Litigation Support

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the primary Title IX enforcement agency. When a school is subject to an OCR investigation, significant internal resources are required to answer data requests and prepare for witness interviews and on-site visits. Our consultants have the experience and skills necessary to assist with each stage of the process, assess early resolution options, and minimize disruption to your institution.

Proactive / Preventive Services

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted every U.S. workplace in some way or another — including in how and where work gets done and under what conditions — creating a whole host of new health, safety, EEO, and other workplace compliance challenges.

Our consultants have been in the thick of it, developing practical tips and strategies, for instance, for managing remote workers and responding to health and disability-related COVID-19 employee concerns. The experience we’ve developed gives us a decided advantage in helping organizations navigate ongoing and new COVID-19 challenges as they try to return to “business as usual.”

Best-in-class companies recognize the value of proactive prevention. Good risk management involves implementing practices that will help an organization avoid predictable workplace compliance issues. Beyond proactive prevention, many employers have a legal obligation to regularly monitor and assess their employment practices for potential discrimination and other problems that can undermine a fair, healthy, and productive workplace.

Largely by virtue of their extensive experience guiding employers through government audits and workplace investigations, our consultants know how to identify gaps in an organization’s compliance program that if left unresolved increase the risk of noncompliance — and lead to a host of legal and practical headaches. We help organizations to develop effective and meaningful solutions to minimize legal and organizational risk, especially in the areas of compensation practices and pay equity; reduction-in-force activities; evaluation of talent acquisition and talent management practices; and organizational culture and climate assessments, among others.

Employers long have recognized the need to train leadership and staff on their right to, and responsibilities for maintaining, a harassment-free workplace. But corporate compliance training has come under increasing criticism for being outdated and out of touch with 21st century workplace harassment issues. And civil rights enforcement agencies, most notably the EEOC, have made harassment enforcement a top priority.

Spurred in part by the global “Me Too” movement, there also has been a dramatic increase in state and local laws mandating anti-harassment, civility, and unconscious bias staff training. Our consultants include nationally recognized experts in the field of workplace harassment prevention who have developed and implemented a variety of innovative, context-specific harassment and implicit bias training solutions focused on all forms of harassing conduct — sexual harassment, as well as harassment based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, age, and disability.

Our consultants have been at the forefront of helping organizations develop strategies for providing harassment and implicit bias training content in a manner that delivers positive results and takes their efforts to prevent and correct workplace harassment to the next level.

The ability to successfully recruit, hire, and retain a highly skilled and diverse staff is a key element to any organization’s success. Our consultants help employers to evaluate and refine their talent acquisition and retention strategies through a variety of means, including quantitative analyses of employment data, tests, and other selection criteria, as well as qualitative review of policies, programs, and practices affecting talent acquisition and management.

Our consultants help federal government contractors manage and successfully meet their EEO and affirmative action program requirements, including developing and implementing written affirmative action plans, reviewing and analyzing compensation and employment transactions data for indicators of potential discrimination, and evaluating an organization’s positive outreach and other good-faith efforts to promote and advance equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination.

  • Specialized safety and security training programs for college security and safety chiefs focusing on and addressing sexual harassment and violence, assault, domestic and relationship violence, and allegations of Title IX violations.
  • External coordinated training sessions with local police departments and prosecutors.
  • Training presentations and programs on internal workplace culture and environment, including issues related to safety and security.
  • Programs aimed at safety among students including driving, substance abuse, and relationship violence.
Failure to implement policies that comply with the dictates of Title IX has spurred a proliferation of federal government action and private litigation. Adopting and implementing a compliant Title IX policy that is coordinated with the mandates of other applicable federal laws such as the Clery Act, the Campus SaVE Act, FERPA, and HIPAA, is an essential risk mitigation step. Our consultants can help draft compliant policies and processes that work for your school. We can also meet with and provide training to your campus leadership to ensure that these policies are being applied correctly.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We consult with a wide range of organizations, including educational institutions and private and publicly traded companies, on developing, refining, and operationalizing their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs. Our expertise in equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination laws, as well as our practical experience in developing and defending corporate affirmative action programs, gives us a decisive edge in being able to identify and help resolve gaps in an organization’s DEI program that may impede success or increase legal risk.

Our roster of consultants include leading DEI experts with decades of experience building diverse, equitable, and inclusive working and learning environments and who provide a range of solutions to any number of DEI challenges, including building and sustaining multicultural teams, behavior change management, and creating and implementing measures to evaluate the success of DEI programs.

Our services include:

  • Conducting DEI program “compliance vulnerability” reviews
  • Developing and supporting metrics-driven DEI programs
  • Conducting organizational climate risk assessments
  • Developing and implementing nondiscrimination and anti-bias training
  • Delivering briefings to executive leadership on DEI trends and strategies

We also provide crisis-management counseling and support to clients facing internal or external challenges to their DEI efforts.

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