California’s COVID-19 Exposure Notification Law May Spread to Other States

Since January 1, California businesses have been subject to ramped-up COVID-19 notification and reporting requirements under amendments to California’s Occupational Safety and Health Act, which are designed principally to combat the spread of COVID-19 at work and to reduce the overall rate of infection in the state, as well as to hold employers responsible for monitoring the health and safety of their employees. The new law is temporary and is set to expire in two years, on January 1, 2023.

Although California is now the epicenter of new COVID-19 infections in the United States, numerous other states have experienced alarming upticks in deaths and new infections — which may have them eyeing emergency notification requirements like California’s. At least two other states have already implemented temporary notification guidelines specifying when, how, what, and to whom information about potential on-the-job exposure to COVID-19 must be provided to workers and reported to health authorities.

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