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3 Steps to Prevent Discrimination Complaints

Core Triangle Consulting Vice President Rae Vann was quoted in a HR Dive article, “3 Ways to Prevent Discrimination Complaints,” about how to handle concerning discrimination complaints.

Claims can have an adverse impact on the company and the employees that are affected. Companies should try to create an ethical workplace culture and address potential issues ahead of time, especially in the age of remote work.

However, complaints do arise, so a channel for employees to raise their concerns should be established.

“Employees need to have a meaningful complaint and investigation that exists more than on paper,” said Vann.

When complaints are submitted, workplaces are advised to think about the claims as a whole, contrary to typical training.

“We look at each [complaint] as an individual thing, but it’s really important to think about making connections between things that have been coming up,” shared Vann.

Vann also added that if discrimination claims do go to court, it is crucial that companies show that they addressed the issue internally, and create protections for the employees who complained in good faith.

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Barrett’s Rulings Offer Insight on Gig Work, Job Discrimination

Carlton Fields labor and employment attorney Rae T. Vann was quoted in a Bloomberg Daily Labor Report article about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s record in labor and employment law. Barrett’s past rulings show a textualist approach similar to that of Justice Antonin Scalia, with some outcomes in favor of employers and others in favor of workers, Vann said.

“I expect she will be similar to him. He wasn’t 100% with the employer in all employment cases,” Vann told the publication. “Nothing struck me in her record as outlandish. She didn’t upend precedent and seemed to cite text and precedent.”

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Core Triangle Consulting’s Rae T. Vann Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article on Return-to-Work Issues

Core Triangle Consulting Vice President Rae T. Vann was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article about legal considerations for employers bringing employees back to the office. For instance, employers may require staffers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available, but they must allow exemptions on medical and religious grounds, Vann told the WSJ.

“Not everyone who gets the influenza vaccine is immune to the flu, so you want to be sure whatever mandate you’re putting into place will achieve the result that’s intended without creating a host of other issues, like employees being demoralized or feeling they have no choice,” said Vann, who is also a labor and employment shareholder at Carlton Fields. Core Triangle Consulting is a wholly-owned Carlton Fields subsidiary.

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