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Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: EEOC Issues Updated Guidance

Perhaps the most-asked question by employers these days is: Can a COVID-19 vaccine be required of employees? The answer is generally yes, with some important qualifications. Following the approval of COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use and subsequent distribution to the states, the EEOC issued supplemental COVID-19 guidance on December 16 to address circumstances to consider when mandating COVID-19 vaccination, once the vaccine becomes widely available. The guidance addresses practical, compliance-related questions, including whether the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine constitutes a “medical examination” and whether asking medical screening questions prior to administering the vaccine, or requiring proof of vaccination, constitutes

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Gauging the Impact on Employers of the 2020 Presidential Election: Part Two

Since our September 30, 2020, webinar, “Gauging the Impact on Employers of the 2020 Presidential Election,” former Vice President Joe Biden has secured more than 270 electoral votes, and is on track to become the 46th president of the United States, with Senator Kamala Harris of California serving as the first Black and female vice president in American history. There were several “wild card” issues and potential roadblocks we predicted would or could await President Trump upon reelection or greet a President Biden upon assuming office. In addition to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, just a few weeks

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Follow Clear Process When Disciplining Students Who Violate COVID-19 Protocols

A New York state court recently invalidated a private university’s suspension of three students for violating COVID-19 protocols because the court decided that the university did not provide advance notice to the students that discipline might occur for violations of the protocols. The Off-Campus Gatherings and Disciplinary Sanctions Several members of NYU’s track and field team allegedly attended or hosted one or more “small” gatherings of less than 15 people at private, off-campus apartments during summer break. Three of the students were charged with violating university protocols because they had “attended a large gathering at an off-campus location without proper

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