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COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Campaign Additional Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention General Information​ COVID-19 vaccine page COVID-19 vaccine “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) Phased vaccination implementation plan Fact Sheets and Resources “8 Things to Know About the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program” Promoting Vaccination in the Workplace COVID-19 and 2020–21 flu season – updated FAQ issued 12/29/2020 COVID-19 prevention poster with vaccination information

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COVID-19 Workplace Vaccination Campaign Messaging Strategy Checklist

Identify points of contact/“SWAT team” comprising representatives from: Human resources Compliance/risk management Occupational health Marketing/public relations Legal Compile internal and external resource list: Health benefits information Federal and state agency website publications Company leave and absence policies Point(s) of contact for COVID-related questions Develop and deliver (a) management training and (b) employee training about the COVID-19 vaccine: What we know about it Benefits Availability Company support Exemption requests and other special issues CDC and other resources Develop and distribute vaccination campaign promotional materials: FAQ CDC-provided collateral, such as posters Social media and other marketing content Leadership “testimonials” Monitor for, and

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